Friday night may have been cold, but at The Riddle Centre, The Dead South heated things up with their own unique spin on folk/bluegrass country.



Playing to a packed venue (they had to turn people away at the door), The Dead South, along with Whiskey Manor and Chris Dimas & 9brains, were well received by the audience. Whiskey Manor managed to get the still sober ones up and joining in with everyone else, and by the time The Dead South hit the stage, you were lucky if you could make it anywhere close to the front.

All three acts alone are worth checking out sometime in the near future. Chris Dimas, who's only 15(!), and 9brains brought something I had never seen before in the form of a DJ vs. Drummer full live set. Whiskey Manor sounds pretty much like their name suggests; old school, head banging, long haired, rock and roll. The highlight for me was the cover of CCR's Fortunate Son.

Last up was The Dead South, who has yet to dissapoint me at a show of theirs. Their unique take on the bluegrass-country genre is reason enough to at least check them out. It's rare to see a full acoustic string band do so well without any percussion.

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